I Love Gary Craig And Ask For Unity With EFT

I often see bitter and angry comments (no doubt from people who were as starry-eyed when i once was), about anything that is not Gold Standard or Optimal EFT. That is why I ask for open minds, open hearts, and more positivity.
It is all too possible for people to attack what is out there that brings people to EFT. Take The Tapping Solution, for example. Nick Ortner was criticized very heavily when he first started it.
I too, was among the people who read Gary Craig’s verbal attacks on it, and I took his word as “gospel truth”, and continued publicly attacking Nick Ortner’s work, just like the comment above. By the way, I will continually be grateful to Gary for bringing EFT to the planet, and for all the wonderful good work he does; which will never change. But one day later, I started to wonder if it was the proper thing, if my hero could be non-human and never create a mistake or error in judgement.
Faster EFT Practitioner
After The Tapping Solution’s first event, suddenly, I was getting ultimately more people coming forward for EFT one-to-one proper practitioner sessions and workshops run just as Gary Craig wanted in those times. So many people benefitted as a result, and to this day, I still get miracles with clients that have just seen the latest Tapping Solution event, and decided to come for sessions or a workshop. Ideally, they do both and I see with delight their lives unfold before me. All because of a script that didn’t work for them but convinced them that there is more possible to attain. My mind has been opened to new possibilities, and now I do the AMT Energy EFT in addition to Classical EFT and my very own unique style, that may be pretty close to Optimal EFT, that is actually Reiki with SUDS or SUE scales and specificity added. Every system of EFT on the market is currently competing with others, so every system, including Faster EFT, Energy EFT, and Classical EFT, is definitely striving to improve.
With because of Gary Craig, the originator, whom I love unconditionally, just like I love everyone, for bringing this debate to the foreground, so we are able to all open our eyes, tap, and then listen to our hearts. I do not agree with his opinions about various other forms of EFT nor about well-written EFT scripts that encourage the newcomer to use EFT, the poor, and those who have no usage of a practitioner but do have some limited internet access; they can have something to greatly help them interpret Gary’s teachings. Gary’s teaching on his website is not easy for everyone to understand and use.
Let us all stand united, honour the originator of the method, and see the positives in every good practitioner’s and trainer’s efforts in assisting people help themselves to health and happiness. Let us say to the world how positive EFT is. EFT has benefited so many of us EFT Practitioners, Trainers, and thousands, if not millions of self-help tappers on the market. Let us spread the good word about EFT and question every opinion before we ensure it is our own. After all, we are able to tap on that opinion thoroughly with the tools we have. If the opinion starts to shift, then it probably is not “gospel truth” and we are able to form our very own opinion once our energy is flowing more freely.