CCNA Material – What you ought to Ace the Exam

The CCNA Certification Exam (640-802 CCNA) has evolved as time passes and it is no more sufficient to just depend on one sort of CCNA study material (usually books) to get ready for the exam. I’ll outline several CCNA preparation materials which are crucial if you want to ace the exam through self-study.
1. CCNA Books
I regard CCNA books because the must-have resource for CCNA exam preparation. The Sybex books (Todd Lammle) and the Cisco Press titles (exam preparation and self-study) are the most popular and authoritative. Make sure you get a book that is up-to-date with the most recent exam syllabus.
2. CCNA Lab Simulation or Lab Equipment
Given the amount of emphasis on the 2-3 CCNA simulation questions in the actual exam, it is very important get some good hands-on experience in the configuration of Cisco IOS devices. If you’re lucky enough to get access to actual lab equipment, that might be ideal. However, for the typical CCNA candidate real equipment wouldn’t normally be an option. Thankfully there are a few cost effective CCNA simulators around which cover sufficient ground for the exam.
3. Practice Exams
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Time management is really important during the CCNA exam. Typically you will have to answer 50-60 questions in a 90 minute period. This includes 2-3 simulation questions and many other time consuming questions. The very best practice exams have a simulation engine to permit for you to get a feel for the real exam. A few of the good CCNA books also come included with a simulation engine and practice test questions.
4. Audio/Video CCNA Material (Optional)
Although I’ve marked this as optional, I’ve found that lots of CCNA candidates have very little time and energy to study for the exam, because of other commitments. One extremely useful way I’ve found is to study through the long commute to work or school. There are now packages available to buy which let you place the CCNA study material (in an audio and/or video form) on an iPod or other media device to study on the go. I’ve also found that it really is much easier to absorb the material presented in an audio format, in addition it is extremely convenient to just skip back again to the final chapter on an iPod.